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IRA Conversion Skokie IL – Come in and learn, number one, what is everyone talking about, and number two do I need to act to do something different that I’m doing right now concerning my Ira’s or Roth Ira’s or what I’m doing perfectly fine. Give us a call 847-933-8222 for free


4 Tips for Financially Independent Women | AGT The Safe Money People

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Is there a meaningful difference in the way men and women consider money? There is, according to a study published in a recent issue of Social Indicators Research.

Women associate money with love and emotion, according to the research, while men are twice as likely to link finances to independence and power. While the differences are not mutually exclusive, researcher’s hope the general findings will help people better understand their relationship with money, which may lead to better-informed financial decisions.

“Also, it’s helpful to remember that, historically, women haven’t had control of their own financial destiny; and that includes many women who are retired today,” says Leah Miller, a financial and Medicare expert, and CEO of Red Anchor Wealth Management (

“Despite the fact that women control most of the economy today and tend to be the CFO of most households, many continue to get the short end of the stick – especially when it comes to retirement. Women live longer and are often the ones to find out that they’ve outlived their money.”

Speaking directly to women, Miller offers context on how to face emotionally the stress of financial planning for retirement.

Make the most of your time on this Earth.

A long life shouldn’t be a bad thing. If you’re married with a husband, you’ll likely enjoy many years together sharing Social Security, a pension or IRA income and other sources. However, much of that money won’t be there should you outlive your husband. Many women may be prone to avoiding thoughts of life after their spouse moves on. While that may be romantic in a sense, Miller says, it is highly impractical if you’re trying to live a long and fulfilling life.

Money keeps women up at night.

People don’t like to think about the things that cause them pain. For women, the stress of an uncertain financial future is a huge pain. While there is a way to feel much better about this uncertainty, millions of women avoid troubleshooting this latent and palpable stressor. It’s like someone who is desperate to lose weight but is too afraid to step on the scale.

Anxiety is worse than actually taking care of the problem (getting started).

If you are the family chief financial officer, then abstracting a future budget is an easy step to start with. The important goal of retirement planning is to craft an income stream that will sustainably support your needs, so start accounting now. Make a balance sheet that includes your savings account, retirement accounts, 401(k) plans, investment real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, cash value life insurance and other assets. Then break it down further by pre-tax and post tax-accounts.

Don’t take your estate for granted; beware the pre-Medicare timeframe.

Some women have it better than others, but beware of overconfidence, because you can fall ill anytime. For example, the average couple who retires at age 62 will spend $17,000 out-of-pocket on health care each year until they enroll in Medicare. And, that’s basically the cost of the premium, so even in good health the price is very high. A nice nest egg in combination with other assets can be depleted rapidly with insufficient Long Term Care insurance.

“Some of these considerations may be unpleasant, but what’s the alternative?” Miller says. “Don’t bury your stressful feelings. Instead, do something about it. You’ll feel better and you’ll be better off as you move forward.”

Tips for Affordable Traveling in 2016 | AGT The Safe Money People

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If travel is a part of your plan for the new year, 2016 looks to be a good time to do it. You don’t have to break the bank, but if you do want to save cash it’s all about where you’re going and how you book getting there.

Planning is key to saving money on travel. NBC Charlotte spoke with Sarah Gavin with Expedia. She says you can save up to 36 percent by booking at least 21 days out.

For domestic travel, you’ll save the most by booking 57 days out. For international flights, you’ll get the best deals by booking 150 to 170 days in advance. You can also save more money by searching for flights on specific days of the week.

Right now, Gavin says the weekend is the best time to get online and book your flights. Gavin says if you are planning international travel, certain destinations will save you more money. She says 2016 will be a good year to fly to Asia because the cost is down about 15 percent from last year. It’s also a good time to go to Europe.

Fuel prices are down, and Gavin says the airlines are passing on the savings.

Another tip for getting the most for your money, Gavin says to bundle your flight and hotel just like you bundle your cable and internet. She says you can save about 20 percent, which is about $570 for the average trip. For resort destinations, the savings are even higher. You can save between $800 and $1100 on a week-long trip.

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Retirement and Savings Skokie IL – Calling him stock brokers and financial planners now claiming to be retirement planners have your money at risk that you can loose and that’s not doing well. What you need to do? Call them at 847-933-9222 today.