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Aryeh Goldbloom – Life Insurance Planning Skokie IL – AGT The Safe Money People

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Life Insurance Planning

What happens to the cash value in a life insurance policy when you die?

Let me ask you a question, you have a life insurance policy and it has cash benefit and a cash value, do you know who gets the cash value when you die? That’s right, the insurance company. Let’s take for example a $100 policy that has a cash value of $20,000 So it be very nice when you pass away that the life insurance company would give you the $120,000, the death benefit plus the cash value, they don’t.

Whether you have a $1,000, $20,000or $99,000 cash value in your policy, they only gonna give you the $100,000 death benefit. All the cash goes to the life insurance company are you interested knowing ? How do I get both ? I want the $100,000 plus a $20,000 when I die and its not so easy to get my cash value while I’m living anyway, because I may have to pay taxes on it and also causes a loan that I have to pay interest on it give us a call make a time to see us and we will show you how you can get the death benefit and some of all the cash value rather than the cash going to the insurance.

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